Entry #1

My very first post!

2015-03-10 23:13:08 by DJRyanAB

Hello everyone!

I hope to get good at these, because I will be posting A LOT in the next few months. Just to introduce myself...

My name is Ryan

  • I just started out making songs, and someone recommended to me Newgrounds.com for audio submission, so I decided to give this a shot!
  • I am using a software called Finale Notepad 2012 to notate and create the .MIDI files for my music.
  • I would like TONS of feedback on my music! I hope to get better at making music and I need all the help I can get from people like you!
  • Also, I would like to get a custom, background and icon for my NG page. Just thinking out loud if anyone would like to make me one of those, just email me or comment or something like that.

Thanks for reading this post!



Edit: I am now using the upgraded version of my music software, finale 2014.


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